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The Documents Blockchain



HOW TO BECOME  A VALIDATOR NODE AND EARN A % OF ALL WORLDWIDE TRANSACTIONS is The documents Blockchain  that allows 250 million companies worldwide to encrypt, exchange and sign documents to ensure:

    • paternity the document was created by a declared sender
    • non-repudiation the sender can not deny having digitally signed the document
    • integrity of the document has not been altered during transport


All Nodes MUST be a Member of the Commercio Consortium by filling a membership request and providing all relevant company informations.


All Validators nodes  MUST purchase through the  Commercio Consortium the Commercio stake tokens with a  EXCLUSIVE BONUS.


All validator Nodes MUST run a server connected to the internet with the latest version of our Software and stake the 50K tokens in a HSM device.



“Our ultimate goal is not just to share DOCUMENTS, but to create a network of trusted organizations”

– Enrico Talin, srl Founder

Blockchain for 250 million companies

Whether you are creating a b2b e-commerce app, a Fintech app, a document exchange app, scale to your needs. is build to help millions of companies worldwide growing faster and faster thanks to our blockchain technology.

The Consortium is a non-profit-organization

The Consortium’s purpose and object is to improve the efficiency, savings and security of member companies in the signing of commercial documents, their exchange with other companies  in encrypted and immutable form, through the promotion, training, implementation and coordination, through a common organization,  based on the Blockchain.

The Consortium’s goal also includes the coordination and control of the activity carried out by the Consortium members as “Validator Nodes” for the certification of the data (or transactions) written on the Blockchain, in order to promote its diffusion and the level of security.

The Consortium main  activities are:

a) License  the network software of Blockchain in the current release version and in any future upgrade versions, to grant it free of charge to the Consortium members who will use it to carry out the activity of validating Nodes of the Blockchain.

b) purchase at favorable conditions, in its own name and on behalf of the Consortium members, the tokens that the Consortium members will  use to carry out the activity of validators Nodes in the Blockchain

c) to identify/select companies specialized in the validation of blockchain platforms to carry out, for the benefit of the Consortium members, consulting activities or outsourcing of the validation activity and to negotiate with them favorable conditions on behalf of the Consortium members;

d) to organize or commission conferences and workshops for the Consortium members, their staff and their customers on the subject of the Blockchain Commerce

e) to purchase, in their own name, the license to use logos, symbols, brands or trademarks of the Blockchain, to the extent that this is necessary or useful for the achievement and best implementation of the Consortium’s purpose, to grant it to the Consortium members free of charge, if possible, and, otherwise, at favorable conditions;

f) to control, coordinate and implement, through a common organization, the certification activities of the Consortium members as validators of the Blockchain.



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